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March 13, 2008

What Exactly Are You Running From, My Friend?

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Death in every moment, death in every out-breath.
Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, death = change, loss, and pain.
Death of any kind we run from, as we are programmed to run from every moment.

Why not reprogram ourselves?
The present moment is the most wisdom-filled and fulfilling moment there is.
Why rob ourselves of the ultimate wisdom right under our nose?
Courage means moving into fear in order to grow; without growth we stagnate.
No pain, no gain, and we move into our fear of that pain.
Growth = wisdom and increasing compassion, decreased aggression and reduced suffering.
The bigger we grow, the more love flows out from us to lighten the burdens of others.

Growth is a gift we give to ourselves.
Growth becomes a gift we give to each other – if only we choose to grow, by moving into the difficulties that arise.

Now we choose now, the present moment, the only real moment available to us.
This moment is welcome, this moment is a gift – we just have to stick around to benefit from it.

Showing love to the moment, we show love to ourselves and each other, simultaneously affirming all beings by affirming one moment.
To say “this moment is welcome” is to affirm all.
To welcome this moment is to welcome everything.

Infinite space is available in this death of every moment, this constant flux.
Hence, while sticking with the moment, or getting stuck to it, we find there is such spaciousness in every dying moment.

To tap into this spaciousness is to access universal wisdom and compassion, wisdom and compassion that fill everything, but that our fear of death obscures.
We fear death, because we fail to recognize the potential of the moment.

This moment is wisdom, this moment is love, this moment is death.
If we run from this moment, we run from death.
When we run from death, we run from love as well, adding instead aggression that comes from grasping to things outside of the moment (the idealized past and the fantasized future).

Embrace love, death, and wisdom.
Embrace the moment.
Say: “This moment is welcome.”


February 25, 2008

Our Meditation Prayer

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We are motivated to meditate and pray so that all beings may be free from suffering.

May we understand with our hearts that:

What we do to each other, we do to ourselves.
The dichotomy of Self and Other is an illusion.
We all benefit greatly when suffering is reduced.
When we see everything as impermanent, our attachment and aversion are reduced.
Attachment and aversion cause us great suffering.

May we all rid ourselves of attachment and aversion and be free from suffering. May we do this…

By constantly increasing our compassion and love for each other,
By choosing not to cause harm to ourselves, nor add aggression to the universe,
And by choosing to meditate and contemplate ourselves and this prayer.

We are motivated to meditate and pray so that all beings may be free from suffering.

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